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  Herbal Cleansing Milk Lotion   
  with mint & eucalyptus
  A powerful medicated deep cleansing lotion, specially prepared to protect the skin from the hazards of atmospheric pollution. This anti-septic preparation clears the skin of impurities & micro organisms. Excellent for oily skin & seborrhoeic conditions.
Herbal Sunscreen Lotion  
spf 30  
The only sunscreen lotion that provides protection from infrared rays in addition two UVA & UVB to shield skin from environmental damage & melanin. Formation gives u a fairer & more even-toned complexion.  
  Herbal Pure Rosewater
  steam distilled
  natural rosewater hydrates, cleanses, tones the skin & makes it radiant. With its heavenly fragrance & matchless purity, rosewater also has a calming effect. It can be used as a paste maker in face packs & in water at the bath time.
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