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Yauvan Paak  
for vigour & vitality  

It is a very powerful ayurvedic aphrodisiac which acts therapeutically on sex organism. It cures sex-debility, produces new energy and increases vigour and stamina. Continuous use enhances healthy & intelligent offspring, very effectively cures joints pain & back pain also.

  Madhukalp Powder
  for Diabetes

It is very effective powder for diabetic people. It controls blood sugar & urine sugar, regulates blood-pressure and sets right the functioning of heart. An ideal ayurvedic medicine which promotes physical fitness & energises the body.

Kamini Kalp  
for women's health  

This special ayurvedic medicine effectively cures all female diseases like Dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoes, hysteria and chronic headache etc. It works wonder in problems of pregnancy & post delivery period.
It preserves female health and charm thereby making married life happy. A herbal boon for women of all ages.

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