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Mahatma Gandhi

Khadi is not merely a piece of doth. It is a philosophy. A way of life. A symbol of empowerment of pride of history of a great man's vision of the relevance of roots.

A window to India, carrying the smell of the soil. Blending the wisdom of the old with the needs of the present. Offering way to return to nature.

Handspun, Hand woven, Refind, Pure, Elegance nurtured in the lap of the earth. An excellence Beyond just mechanical perfection.

A gift for today from the treasury of the past. A gift from India.

Herbal Village Products

Thousand of years ago India's greatest sage established ayurveda, of the knowledge of life. They saw all illness and all health as part of an interlocking whole - the mind, body and spirit - that must be treated as one.

Each ayurveda formula was designed with specific constituents for different healing purpose and cures. For their ingredients they looked to the natural world around them, using herbal extracts used by forest tribes since beginning of history.

The set of face, hair and body products has been made in keeping with the principles of ayurveda.