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Herbal Facial Cleanser  
Pure honey containing vitamin B & C along with active enzymes, hydrates and softens the skin. Natural rosewater tones the skin while balancing lemon oil cleanses and purifies it.  
  Herbal Facial Cleanser
  with tea tree & lemon
  An ideal combination of tea tree & lemon extracts, it provides deep skin cleansing and protects it from pollution grime, leaving it nourished along with a vibrant glow. Best for oily and problem skin.
Herbal Neem Facial Cleanser  
with neem & lemon  
This unique facial cleanser is ideal for deep cleansing., removing impurities & preventing pimples. The anti-bacterial & anti-septic properties of neem & astringent property of lemon protects the skin from infections & decreases acne type lesions, leaving the skin fresh & clean. Maintains moisture level & preserves elasticity of skin. The lemon peel extract draws out younger skin.  
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