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Dirgha Prash
(For growing children)
Description: It is a wonderful and unparalleled herbal tonic for growing babies and children. It increases and sharpens physical health and mental faculties. It is a boon for competing students and brain workers.  
Ingredients: Nagauri asgandh, Vanshlochan, Belpattra, Punarnava, Shankhpushi, Dates, Pipal Bark, Brahmi, Yashtimadhu, Root of Sugar Cane, Pure Sugar, etc.  
  Shakti Prash
(Tonic for Body & Intellect)
  Description: A powerful therapeutic preparation for the debility of lungs, heart and brain. Very useful for students, youth and those carrying out brain jobs. It is very helpful in spermatorrhoea also.
  Ingredients: Trifla, Chhoti harad,
Suranjan, Nagauri asgandh, Brahmi, Saffron, Vidang, Gokhroo, Vanshlochan, Vang Bhasm and Lauh Bhasm etc.
Chyavan Prash
Description: Chyavan Prash is the world famous scriptural preparation of Ayurved. It rejuvenates the whole body and nervous system. It balances the functions of Vata-Pitta and Cough and sets right disorders of urine and semen. It is a renowned tonic for whole family.  
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